Cookies and privacy policy

Privacy Policy is compliant with GDPR, and follows protocols that meet those standards set for data handling and storage.

As an online store, there are ways that we collect and store personal information in order to streamline your experience and to complete the checkout process. We do this with databases and cookies.

User accounts

User accounts are necessary to keep a record of your basket, preferences, current and order history. Your personal details such as name, email and password are securely stored and encrypted.


All payment is processed by PayPal, thus we keep and handle no financial information.


We store small packets of information called cookies in your browser that alert us to your browsing preferences. Below is a table of the cookies we use, and their function:

Domain/Path Name Use X-PP-SILOVER Supports payment function tsrce Supports payment function akavpau_ppsd Enables transactional function AKDC Supports payment function ts_c Supports Paypal functionality nsid Supports Paypal functionality LANG Stores language preferences ts Supports payment function x-pp-s Supports payment function X-PP-L7 Supports Paypal functionality wp_woocommerce_session_5694ad1dbde2e50a1d799406a0a12005 Tracking of permanent login  

Your rights

In order to use this website, cookies must be enabled, and by enabling cookies and browsing Neoyogini you are agreeing to the usage of those aforementioned.

You can change your consent to the use of cookies at any time, using the pop-up bar, but it will inhibit your use of this website.